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​​Alejandro Javaloyas has been creating and studying art his entire life. Born in Mallorca (Spain), the artist has traversed many cities (Palma, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki and Toulouse) around the world and experienced many forms of art, each informing his work today as an abstract painter.

Schooled in Barcelona through his university education in film, Alejandro moved in 2021 to Toulouse, where resides and also has his studio. His abstract paintings can be seen in local and regional galleries, both in Spain and France, and also online.

Painting is the artist’s mechanism for flushing out what’s important. As a means to his catharsis, Alejandro created for himself an alternate and deeply spiritual reality through painting, one in which he can balance his need for control, discipline, and restraint, yet also let go and be emotive. His painting serves him both symbolically and literally as a way to organize and plan, something his obsessive nature requires in life, yet he also relishes in the freedoms of uninhibited expression it provides. Viscerally, through the tensions of his mark-making, the transformations of his color palette and application, and the layering of shapes, Alejandro finds a spiritual grounding that, at times, feels like fulfilling an alter ego.

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My work as an artist is to transcend everyday life experiences to find a higher spirituality. I create abstract paintings that have a spacious, metaphysical realm for me. In all my paintings there’s an implicit horizon line, an element of familiarity originating from many years of creating traditional landscape paintings. I consider abstracting and obscuring the spatial areas as a way to define literal and metaphorical space to wander in and feel free.

Painting provides me with an alternate form of reality, and perhaps an alter ego. In life, I can be obsessive, and allow my need to organize and desire to control to play a role in my work. I work much better with restraint, limiting possibilities and open-endedness. I approach the canvas knowing predetermined sizes, identifying a limited color palette, and with the idea to abstract a landscape. These parameters help me to prepare and to avoid over-complications. While it is often difficult for me to freely express emotions, and as I am very conflict-averse, painting allows me an escape. My work is visceral, with intense mark-making and surface scratching that helps me to express emotions and release the tensions of everyday life. Colors are transformed into gradients and ombre effects, a parallel to the transformation of self that occurs. I feel an other-worldliness when painting. I experience an uninhibited relinquishing of control.

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