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Chloe Wing




England, United Kingdom


My Arts background is quite eclectic as I have studied fashion design, songwriting, performance arts and I have an MA in Fine Art from University of Arts London. I feel now I am at a stage in my work where I have been revisiting these things separately and would like to now combine them all to create a more holistic and idiosyncratic art form. My work has always been Expressionistic and cathartic and it acts very much as a diary and narrative.

I also feel that the unexplainable spirituality of art is just as important as the intellectual and conceptual side of it. My works look at the value of the emotion, everyday psychology, the individual relationship with their community, and most importantly the relationship with the self.

Artist Statement

I have a very close relationship to whatever I make, whether it is music or visual art. I hand cut all my works, and my voice/ lyrics are the main feature and instrument within my music. Everything has a rawness to it. My work is Expressionistic and it stems from my own experiences and of people whom I know. I describe my works as psychological cages that represent the microcosm of the mind.

I am interested in people and how emotional and mental health is so important in our everyday lives, and also how it is perhaps overlooked. I am very intrigued in how society and others shape and influence our psyche, and how they can hinder intuition, self-expression and cause trauma.

How we all live together is such an important part of the contemporary world, and there is still so far to go in terms of LGBTQ+ rights. I find I channel a lot of difficulty through my art and it is a healing source for me especially when there is no immediate resolution. I use my work as a communication, a voice that finds it hard to speak, through the universal language of creativity, emotion and humanity.

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