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Bakare Olamide Ramota






Drawings are not just papers or idols, but humans to Olamide. Her involvement in art started in 2015. Firstly, as self development before she underwent a formal apprenticeship of the famous contemporary artist in Lagos, Nigeria—Mr. Awesu Gafar. Influencd by many stories in the society, she also portrays reality and emotions using certain philosophical theories that occur in everyday life activities. She also draws inspiration from her immediate environment, music, and certain scenes that hold sway in her surroundings.

Through the analysis of her works, she relentlessly attempts to unlock mysteries in her descriptions, especially about life-changing concepts and real-life situations in Nigeria. Olamide's concepts also denote a contemporary interpretation of various social contexts in Africa. Capturing topical and as well undermentioned happenings and situations in Africa is her plateau of concern. She loves to express and further establish a clear realism of different situations in a distinctive light.

Her works also create new patterns of stories about the challenging society, the challenged society, the challenged in the society, and contemporary issues; creating the art and attaching a solution (utilitarian artistry). At a point, no one really understood her perspective about certain ideas, unbothered, she furthered her ingenious cause: using art as a simple representation of creating those situations.
Her desire is to address an old Africa in other to create a refined, revamped, rebirthed Africa in the heart of the audience. She was born in Badagry, the ancient city in Lagos, Nigeria.

Artist Statement

In my art, different mediums allow me to express different ideas in other to capture the beauty of situations. I want people to interpret—see and feel, essentially—my artistic perceptions. With my recent works, I always try to breathe life into situation on paper citing given cultured happenings, so that selected ideas and stories would have life through my canvas on papers.

My works also explore the relationship between charcoal and colours. Oftentimes, people are not conscious (enough) about varieties of incidents happening in the society, and ignorance is the dice being played. If we stop, look, listen and observe what happens around us, we would discover that they are history and philosophies of life which (re-)explore the human nature.

Part of my artistically nuanced process before I begin painting or drawing is to listen to music and do some critical thinking (probe logics) about getting specific symbolic recreation via canvas on paper.

I make use of different medium when making my art, which is my methodology in shaping different thematic significance in art. I work with oil colour, acrylic, charcoal pencil on paper and canvas. The use of burnt paper is also an intriguing attachment, depending on the subject matter.

I draw inspiration from my environment, Nigeria, and Africa, as a whole. In these pieces, I discuss–using visual arts for my artistic medium—throbbing conventional ideals in immediate societal context through which I hope my collections of art shall effect needed change in the society. It's why I have chosen the visual arts to be my dynamic medium of making the clarion call.

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