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Erwina Ziomkowska




My name is Erwina Ziomkowska I was born in the small city Wloclawek. I live and work in Poznan (Poland). In 2008 I graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Major exhibitions I had in Poland in Zderzak Gallery (in Krakow), but my works have appeared at exhibitions all over the world. I mainly create artistic objects and temporary installations. I am interested in finding new meanings and transforming objects so that they give a new way of interpretation.

Artist Statement

In my work, I use everyday objects which I transform. Books with scratched text, swing with extra ballast, skulls so fragile that with every touch can break, underwear shiny with a thousand pins causes pain when worn. The extremely minimalist method of acting, repetitive activities, such as: Gouging, threading, puncturing, scratching, etc. are very characteristic. The forms resemble the image of sterile cool beauty rather than, a record of human feelings and emotions, causing a sense of tension and reinterpretation of reality.

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