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Saji Varriar is an artist, dancer from Kerala, India. She is known for her artistic skills and has acted in number plays, dance shows and has painted many acrylic paintings, She has participated in many group art shows and has received much appreciation. She has been invited for artist residency workshop by Lalit Kala Academy of Kerala in 2019. Saji lives in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala State.

Artist Statement

Saji Varriar paints with different mediums but her favorite is acrylic on canvas. She loves to paint portraits of people. Every person interests her and she paints it with much interest. To finish each work of art, she takes number of days.

Saji's work 'Born Trans - Born This Way' is her longing to be accepted as she is. She feels it is her right to be the way one is born and expresses her/his gender.

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