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Conor Collins




England, United Kingdom


I’m known internationally for my one of kind viral artworks reflecting society back at itself as a way in a hope to a better future. Tom Daley (2014) went viral featuring on, The Independent, and the Ellen show. Caitlyn (2015) seen by over a million people in 24 hours. In 7 days it was seen by more people than visit the MOMA in 3 years. Trump (2016) featured on the cover of US Newspapers and across Europe, and was shortlisted for a number of art prizes. When my art goes viral those who share it become my gallery.

I was not educated in art, and I have had to work day and night to get my artwork seen. Occasionally people see viral artwork as an overnight success, but it came from years of work. I have worked multiple jobs just to afford the right brushes for paint, including cleaning toilets in the early hours of the morning in clubs and bars in Manchester. At no point did I feel bad for myself though, as I knew at the end of the shift I could go home to my canvas, and work on something that mattered.

I am driven in a way that nothing will stop me making a piece that matters. I want to work to have an impact further than creating an art pieces for art’s sake. I want to create work that is more than a piece of furniture on a wall. I want to create art that is a catalyst for change. That is what drives me. That is what gets me up in the morning, and keeps me up at night.
I want my art to be a mirror upon society, and a hammer with which to shape it.

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