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Dr. Evilletown (she / her) is a true Multidisciplinary Artist, focused on sound and vision. She has spent the last 25 years working in Queens, Austin, and rural Mississippi. Her performance installations (including site - specific choreography, urban noise, sculpture, drawing, video, and music) have been performed in venues through out North America. Exploring themes of gender, Choctaw tradition in modern societal expectations, generational farming, scoliosis, abuse of power, shadows, and celebrity worship, her work can be described as “environmental.” She has also contributed to more traditional means of art consumption, as a musician, composer, visual artist, choreographer, and dancer. She had the honor of collaborating on a sound and visual installation for the Kara Walker 2010 swing space. Small batch label called brainplanrecords, was established in 2009. Known primarily for cassette releases, the label has also put out CDs, records, and produces performance events. Dr. E appears in the book “Life Is A Rip Off: The Complete Book / Music Criticism” by John “Inzane” Olson (Third Man Books). Coincidentally, her entry is right next to her singular inspiration, John Lee Hooker.

Artist Statement

Dr. Evilletown makes sounds and visuals that stand alone and work together. She / Her process is essentially collage: including improvisation, experimentation, and lots of refinement. Her work can be classified as Music, Dance, Installation, Sculpture, and Film, often all at the same time. Her family and extended family research inspire works about generational farming, “passing,” and privilege. Through this lens, she drives deeper into modern concerns such as celebrity worship, power imbalance, number patterns, and pollution. She is constantly comparing and contrasting high-density urban environments with relatively untouched Nature. Dr. Evilletown is dedicated to the transformative power of Art and Art – making

Though extremely specific, this work blurs the lines of genre, discipline, and description, all together. Running parallel to the mashed-up, cross pollinations of our current globalization, Dr. Evilletown will follow the muse of inspiration fearlessly, down any artistic path. Live works easily melt into immersive environments or recordings. The audience becomes saturated in a large mood, and subject matter of the mini-world unfolding. Using a variety of approaches allows for the work to be consumed with multiple senses, automatically making it a visceral and personal experience.

Dr. Evilletown is grappling with the dualities that lie within each of us.

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