Con Ziritione 8


Con Ziritione 8



Artwork Statement

I'm gay, I was born to a very conservative Spanish Catholic family, and all my work orbits around the ideas of transformation, personal journey, and self-acceptance. This particular piece belongs to a series called "Con Ziritione", which includes 18 abstract landscapes that explore the concept of transformation of the self.

Its main theme is the line understood as a vital itinerary, as an erratic and fortuitous path, whose only conscious direction is to get away from the starting point. Fleeing forward. Route to the unknown. These routes evolve, at times, in sinuous meanders and stumble, at other times, with abrupt inflections, thus creating knots within the limits of the perceptible that will later be resolved out of field.

The use of pink and blue is a conscious choice, a matter of activism. These colors are heavily loaded with a perverse meaning. Still today in 2021, they are used onto kids to perpetuate heteronormativity, to make them to conform, to make clear from a very early age what are the social expectations on them, to teach them what "only for girls" and "only for boys" mean. At the end, the segregation by color works ultimately as a mechanism to construct a binary and artificial world where many of us don't fit in. My usage of these two colors is an appropriation intended to deactivate them as an artifact, to decode the terrible meaning we project on them, the same way the word queer was appropriated by the LGBTQI community to make it switch from being a swearword to a self-defining concept, full of pride.




Mixed media on cotton paper


29 x 42 cm

Note about images

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