Sukhy Parhar

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Sukhy Parhar




Scotland, United Kingdom


I am a 36 year old mixed race, non binary queer transfemme, divorced, pansexual, pagan, poet, photographer, and parent. I am typically found smashing capitalists, the patriarchy, and white heteronormativity in all areas of my creative practice.

I came to art late, having previously trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery, but found my creative spark awakened whilst on a retreat. This transformative experience inspired me to commence studies at Glasgow School of Art, and I have subsequently immersed myself in the art scene, having exhibited domestically and internationally, and written 2 self-published collections of poetry.

Artist Statement

I am redirecting my practice towards meaningful concrete outcomes and substantive contributions to the wider QTIPOC community.

My existing corpus of work has incorporated themes exploring sexuality, sensuality, spirituality, identity, and ecofeminism. This is often politically motivated, centered in my personal tenet that we should all strive to make the world a better place. My work is always framed through my own intersection of identities, and my experiences navigating the world as a QTIPOC.

I am currently navigating my way through sobriety and recovery from substance misuse, which is giving me the opportunity to explore a whole new lens of discourse.

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