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Annett Stenzel






Annett Stenzel is an award-winning, Germany-based international film artist with a focus on music and feminism.

She has a diverse education in arts having studied Picture Room Object Glass at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, painting at the KHB Weißensee in Berlin, and Film at the HFBK in Hamburg as well as at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, and media art at the Royal Art School in Copenhagen, with a high interest in gender, language, culture, and philosophy.

She had fellowships by Erasmus, Hamburger Kulturstiftung, and Promos, 2021 the Cine Fine award and 2011 the award of ZOB, Exhibited Artworks in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Poland, USA and showed additional her flms at Film Festivals in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. She works and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Artist Statement

I mainly do film art, next to visual notations for music and photography. My films relate to the subjects of women - focusing on relationships in heterogenous relations, while my work, in general, is based on relations - such as working together and or within digitalization. Within art works I often collaborate with musicians and other artists.

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