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Chris Sellers is a multidisciplinary artist working from Tampa, FL, with artistic disciplines ranging from 2-D, 3-D, and digital media. In his work, Chris focuses on the figure and elements related to the figure, deriving of styles and techniques from traditional practices and applying it through contemporary means. Many of his current themes are associated with indulgence and transient lifestyles.

Artist Statement

In my work I enjoy using techniques that derive from traditional practice and applying it through contemporary means. I focus on the human figure, or elements related to the figure, alongside themes of indulgence and transient lifestyles. Whether or not the audience has a direct connection with the artwork, I want to deliver the expression of an experience through the subject and style of a work, and make the expressive elements inhibit a connection. It is important for me to allow the subjects and media to speak for itself through the way it is used, and my goal is to find the best method of delivering it.

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