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Kalki Subramaniam is a transgender artist, activist, actor and writer from India. She founded the Sahodari Foundation for the empowerment of transgender population of India. Sahodari Foundation has trained more than 200 transgender artists. Through the Red Wall project and the Transhearts project, she supports and livelihood of the transgender community and also trains them as activists.

Kalki creates artworks that are vibrant, colorful and creates pop art and surrealist artworks which are mainly portraits of humans. Kalki primarily uses vibrant fluorescent acrylic paints to create large artworks. She mostly paints portraits, faces that inspire and influence her. She also uses different mediums of paints to create vibrant portraits that express the versatility, beauty and emotions of queer and trans figures. She has received numerous awards for her artistic contributions and for her community art projects.

She has exhibited her artworks in art shows in India, Canada, USA and the Netherlands. She has participated in solo and group shows.

She founded the following projects:
Sahodari Foundation
Red Wall Project
Wall of Kindness

She founded the following Art and Film Festivals:
India International Spiritual Art Festival
India International Short Film Festival

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