Learning Resources

Learning Resources

The resources listed on this page are intended to increase understanding about transgender issues, and provide resources for people in need. 

International Resources:

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Youth Resources

  • Harvard Law School / Trans Youth Handbook (A handbook for trans youth to understand the politics of their body. There is a section informing them on the legal process in changing names on documents, the rights that they have in schools, how to find access to transition-related health care, and other additional resources.)
  • Theo Nicole Lorenz / Trans Affirmation Coloring Book and Trans Self-Care Workbook
  • Gender Creative Kids (An interactive website made for kids, parents, and allies. Providing guidance on how to change names, use a binder, start hormone therapy. Also, providing additional resources and programs.)
  • Affordable Colleges / LGBTQ College Culture Guide (This resource aids young adults in finding affordable colleges and making sure the colleges they chose have the additional resources that some LGBT students may need.)
  • Welcoming Schools / Great Diverse Children's Books with Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Expansive Children (A list of children’s books that discuss gender identity.) 
  • National Center for Lesbian Rights / Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools (An informative guide on supporting Transgender youth between grades K-12. Each chapter focuses on a different issue and provides definitions and tools on how to understand what is happening in the child’s life. This source would be used by adults or teachers.)
  • National Center for Lesbian Rights / Advocating For LGBTQ Students with Disabilities (A resource on how to advocate for LGBTQ youth with disabilities. Providing background on being LGBTQ as not a disability and the laws to know to protect youth. A resource that be used by an adult but also able to inform youth.)
  • Trans Youth Equality / Resources (Provides additional books that trans youth might want to read and videos of personal transition stories. Provides advice on how to handle body dysphoria, advice on binding and tucking.) 
  • Gender Spectrum (A comprehensive resource tool for trans youth, adults, and allies. Providing access to online support groups, programs, and other additional resources.) 
  • Trans Lifeline (Crisis line for trans and questioning people, staffed by trans-identified volunteers. 24 hours a day. 1-877-330-6366.)
  • Peer2Peer.Live (Gaming site where people can stream video games and find people of all different backgrounds to create a community.)