Angela Masker

Angela Masker

Prometheus by Angela Masker
Angela Masker, Prometheus (Endometriosis), 2022. Watercolor on paper. 11 x 14 in. Courtesy of the artist. Click image to view detail.

“My works relate to reproductive justice specifically regarding disorders that some people with uteruses may struggle with – including endometriosis and pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder – both of which I suffer with. Receiving a hysterectomy is one way to treat these issues, but many doctors will refuse to do such procedures on people who are young, unmarried, or have not had children. They justify these actions in that the person may “change their mind,” even if the person is sure they do not want children, want the procedure done to alleviate suffering, etc. It is just yet another way that people with uteruses are viewed as wombs before they are viewed as people, and they are denied their autonomy.”

Angela Masker, Hysteria, 2022. Watercolor on paper. 9 x 9 in. Courtesy of the artist. Click image to view detail.
Angela Masker

Angela Masker (she/they) is a lesbian artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work centers around self, memory, and personal experience. Almost all her recent works are self-portraits, with her own face and body serving as reflections of thoughts and emotions that she has grappled with during quarantine and isolation this past year. However, the subjects in her paintings are often depicted in ways that allow viewers to project their own story onto them. Each piece acts as a documentation or an entry in a non-verbal diary of sorts. Like pages in a diary, the works are small and intimate; one must get up close and personal to view them.


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